The image above represents the Scale of Consciousness, created by Dr. David Hawkin and it illustrates the span of different frequencies of various emotions. Positive emotions resonate much higher than negative emotions. Our bodies are resonating at a particular frequency depending on the emotions that we are experiencing and, as humans, we can constantly fluctuate through the different levels on this scale.

Dr. Hawkins has discovered that there is a critical point (when we reach 200 on his scale) where everything that calibrates below this point makes the body go weak and represents as the absence of “truth.” Everything above 200, makes the body go strong and represents the presence of truth. This is how I can use my pendulum to determine if you are telling the truth or a lie. This is also how I can determine if a substance is beneficial or detrimental to you. Non-truths or substances that carry a low vibration will cause your body to begin to resonate to a frequency of less than 200 and that makes your physical body weak. This fluctuation in your frequency can be picked up via a muscle (energy) test or a pendulum.

It is particularly interesting that Dr. Hawkins says that some people’s overall resonance is above the 200 point most of the time, while some others resonate below this point more often. According to Dr. Hawkins, having a frequency of 500 or above is of pure unconditional love, and it is in this state that we are in complete harmony with our body and our environment. But let’s face it, it’s not very easy to remain at this frequency when the stresses of life get in the way.

When emotions don’t pass completely through the body and get trapped in a certain organ, the organ begins to resonate at the frequency of that particular emotion or emotions that are trapped there. Dr. Hawkins’ work would suggest that if we have trapped emotions in the body, we can resonate at the frequency of those emotions, whether below 200 or above. Most of the emotions that get trapped resonate below 200. and having these emotions trapped within us could contribute to lowering our overall resonance, thus “weakening” the body. You can see how the presence of too many trapped emotions can lower a person’s overall resonance. Do you think your overall resonance falls above or below 200? Is your glass almost always half full or half empty? Getting rid of emotional baggage can significantly increase your overall level of happiness.

This is where the Emotion Code™ comes in. It offers a fast and simple way to fully release trapped emotions from the body, thereby increasing the bodies overall frequency. For more details on the Emotion Code, please click the button below.

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