I recently had an enlightening personal health observation that I want to share . . .

Last month I traveled back to CT to spend time with my family over the holidays. I have a great relationship with my family and visits to them certainly never cause me stress. In fact, we had a great time, but strangely I developed a lot of pain in my knee during that visit. I did nothing but sit around for three days with no physical activity and no logical reason for my knee to hurt so much.

On the long drive home I sat in the car clutching my knee and pondering what on earth could be the reason for the pain. I explained to my husband that the pain was exactly the same pain that I experienced when I was young. It was this pain that made me stop playing soccer (or, at least the reason that I got delegated to goalie). It was this exact pain that sent me to the doctors in search of help and was told that I was wearing the cartilage away in my knee way too fast. The doctors gave me a big knee brace to ease the wear and tear and told me that I “would be in trouble by the time I was 30” if I continued to play and be as active as I was.

Fast forward to my 30 and 40s . . . I was just as active, if not more so. Not only was I running, hiking, and biking regularly, but I was doing it all with no knee brace at all. That terrible chronic pain just magically disappeared.

Until this visit back to CT.

All of a sudden a thought hit me and I blurted out to my husband, “Do you think Italian food is causing my pain?” It was mostly a joke, but it was based on the fact that my diet is much different now than it was when I was young and living at home. I lived on nothing but Italian food back then and now I’ve cut it almost completely out of my diet. (My parents and grandparents are probably shaking their fists if they are listening.) I went from never eating it, to a complete Italian Christmas overload. Knowing diet contributes to just about all of our health concerns, my joke might have had some validity and I couldn’t stop thinking about it all the way home.

When I got home, I decided to use my pendulum and my crazy skills at talking to my subconscious to get health-related answers. I specifically asked what was causing this sudden new pain and the very clear answer that I received was a “trapped emotion.” And it wasn’t just a trapped emotion, but a more powerful “inherited trapped emotion” meaning I was born with this and the energy was passed down to me by one of my parents (in this case, my mother). The emotion was “unworthy” and that really made me wonder. It’s very hard for me to be a houseguest because I hate the thought of people going out of their way for me. I hate feeling like a burden and it’s hard for me to eat their food, dirty their laundry, and cause them any extra work. I even brought my own bath towels to this visit which made my sister-in-law shake her head. Hmmmm, maybe I don’t feel worthy of them doing this extra work. And double hmmmmm, maybe being a houseguest for 3 days triggered this trapped energy!

So I used the Emotion Code™ to determine that the trapped energy was indeed in my left knee. And here’s something even more interesting to note . . . Pain in the left side of the body relates to your experiences (past), your emotional self and your memories. I used the Emotion Code technique to release the trapped emotion and the pain COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED. I have not had the slightest bit of pain since.

Do you have any unexplained pain? Would you like to know more about the Emotion Code? Just click the button below for more details.

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