My latest policies during the new normal

Updated September 21, 2021

I have been offering remote energy sessions long before the Covid pandemic and because of the pandemic, many people that might have otherwise been skeptical have given it a shot. These remote sessions have become quite trusted and popular and now represent the bulk of my business. If you are overly concerned about your safety, masks, or vaccinations, I highly recommend a remote session.

Operation Trust

I no longer require clients to fill out a Covid questionnaire. Instead, I will just trust that you are not feeling ill with any flu-like symptoms. If you are indeed sick and need my services, I can certainly help you remotely. I have powerful protocols that can help just about any physical ailment (including the big scary one!)  Just inquire. I also will not discriminate based on personal choices (you know what I mean).

Updated Face Mask Policy

I am no longer requiring that clients wear a face covering. You are welcome to wear one if you feel more comfortable. I will NOT be wearing a face mask. If this troubles you, I highly suggest a remote session.

Special virus-killing air filters running in my office

These new air filters have been proven to kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria on surfaces within 20 minutes of running the filter. I’m confident that my office will be the safest indoor space you enter all day! These filters just recently became available to the public and you might want one for your own home. For more details on these special new air filters, please click here.

No linens or blankets on my massage table

I have not gone back to using sheets or blankets on the massage tables because nobody seemed to miss them and it makes cleaning easier. You are more than welcome to BYOB – blanket that is 😉

Hand washing

I always have hand sanitizer available in my office for you to use if you wish.

All services are now available again

I am once again offering the Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation facials, however, you must be comfortable not wearing a mask to receive these treatments.

Get a Head Start on Your First Appointment 

Download, print, and sign the client consent form. And please don’t forget to bring it with you to your appointment!

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How I can help

during these especially challenging times.

During this especially difficult time, we are all faced with extra stress that can take its toll on our immunity. Having a strong immune system has never been more important and I offer some specific services that can be helpful.

First and foremost, for a very small commit of time and money, you can have your overall wellness assessed by a Bio-Well GVD device. You will be given a fully detailed graphic report that not only shows the energy levels and balance in each of your meridians, chakras, and organs, but it will also outline your current stress and immunity level. Your immunity may be compromised by the increase in stress and you may not even know it. I also offer many different services that can help you boost your immunity!

The negative emotions like fear and grief that we are all experiencing right now can have a very detrimental effect on our physical well being and can cause a very long list of pains and illnesses. An Emotion Code session specifically identifies and releases this kind of unprocessed detrimental negative emotional energy. For more information on how I can help overcome the stress and trauma you may be experiencing living through our current difficult times, please click the button below.

I also offer treatments that can specifically target either physical or emotional issues. If you are experiencing any physical symptoms related to colds or the flu, distance Pranic Healings can offer relief. Any other pain or chronic illness can be treated in-person. Please click the button below for a full list of ailments that can be treated with Pranic Healing (either in-person or on remote.)

And if you’re simply not ready to come into the office, or to have a remote energy healing, I also offer a full online course that explains many energetic roadblocks that may be suppressing your immunity and either keeping you stuck in chronic conditions or lower your immunity. Learn what they are and how to overcome them naturally, all by yourself, right at home. More details on this course can be found by clicking the button below.

And lastly, a great place to start (despite it being listed last on this page) is taking my totally FREE 22-minute lesson that gives an overview of what it takes to achieve true and lasting health and happiness.