Private Membership Details and Benefits

Mariposa Energy Medicine is now a PMA (Private Member Association). I did this to protect myself from the many restrictions placed upon alternative health practitioners. In this growing culture of oppression of “all things natural,” it is becoming harder and harder to share information and offer life-changing alternative health options.  By entering into a private contract with my members I have more liberties to discuss and offer assessments, products, and modalities that mainstream medicine would not only never suggest, but would likely suppress.

My PMA is offered at two levels:

Basic Membership

  • Access to my full range of knowledge and services including, but not limited to Quantum Biofeedback analysis tools, homeopathic remedies, essential oil blends, Healy micro-current treatments, and custom vibrational sound healing frequency treatments.*
  • One time only cost $10 and a signed contract

*Healy and Genius Insight sound healing treatments offered in-office only for Basic membership. Take home sound healing treatments are only available with the Premium Membership.

Premium Membership

  • Everything included in the Basic Membership, plus the opportunity to rent a Healy device for at-home use and a lifetime membership to a mobile app that will allow you to receive and play custom vibrational sound healing frequency treatments at home.*
  • In addition to any custom sound healings that you may purchase, the Premium Membership will also include free bonus generic vibrational sound healings released monthly. Each file will address a different health issue and will last for 7 days from the time you activate the file.
  • One time cost $65 and a signed contract

*This membership includes the technology to retrieve and play the sound healing programs on your smartphone. Any custom frequencies will be an additional cost.