Online Courses

I am currently offering the following online courses. The first class is a free introduction to the full THRIVE course. “THRIVE – The Ultimate Guide to True & Lasting Health & Happiness” is divided into two parts. The course descriptions are below.

Free self-healing courseLearn how you can take back your health. The power to heal is within you.

Take this free energy medicine introductory class to discover some secrets to self-healing. Learn about energetic blocks that may be standing in the way of your optimal health.


Formula to optimal health courseAchieving good health takes more than just diet and exercise.

Learn all about the Four Energetic Bodies and the importance of keeping them all healthy and balanced, along with methods to achieve this balance.


Uncover hidden obstacles that are preventing you from healing.

After you understand what it means to “be in balance,” continue to Part 2 of the THRIVE course to learn about 7 invisible energetic blocks and how to overcome them.


Everything you need to begin your journey back to optimal health.

Purchase both parts of the course together and not only save $49 but also get a free Chakra Assessment (valued at $50).


“Paula is a committed healer with contagious enthusiasm who shares a wealth of knowledge in her classes. After she presented us with big concepts in a relatable style, she teased out key lessons and a practical set of techniques you can practice at home to improve your energy and achieve greater mental, physical, and emotional health. I highly recommend attending!”

“Thank goodness Paula is sharing her wealth of information with folks. Her enthusiasm is infectious and the content of her Energy Medicine course is something everyone should know. Who doesn’t want to be healthier and practice wellness. I am excited to incorporate this new knowledge into my daily routine and stay healthy! I highly recommend Paula’s course and services.”

“Paula’s classes were full of helpful and exciting information and tools to support one’s own process of self-healing. The practices I’ve learned have already helped me immensely!”

“The knowledge that Paula imparts is felt by the group as the Ah Ha moment that we all need to become aware of and reminded of.”

“You have opened my eyes to a whole new realm of possibilities – for healing inside and out. Thank you for giving of yourself and sharing your knowledge. Gratitude for what you have awakened in me.”

What is Energy MedicineIn-person Classes

If I have any live events scheduled, they can be viewed on the Events page. Please join my mailing list if you’re interested in being informed of upcoming class dates. Custom group classes are also available. If you have a group of 4 or more, please contact me for more details.

Live Class Descriptions

Learn the basics of Energy Medicine in this first class. Discover how your overall health is greatly influenced by the health of your energy field.

Learn the importance of being grounded and how to build the strength of your aura in order to boost your energy and immunity.

Learn precisely what stress is doing to the systems in your body and how it can throw you completely out of balance and drain your energy.

Learn how trapped emotions and emotional baggage affect your health. Emotional baggage is very real and it can easily disrupt your health and happiness.

Chakras are responsible for the proper functioning of the entire physical body and its different parts and organs. Learn how to balance each one in this class.

Learn how the ancient Chinese system of the 5 Elements not only completely dictates who you are and why you act the way you do, but what physical ailments you are prone to.